Good Find: Playground equipment safe for small children

To be honest, I’m the worrier kind of mom and how I wish I was cool like, say, Kitty Forman of That 70’s Show fame.  I’m often worried that my son would get hurt in school, in the playground etc. but I am also aware that I should not hover over or micro manage and risk my son’s sense of independence, social development and all the good stuff. A pet peeve of mine are public playground equipment, only a few are safe for children! Lately I’ve found one which met my minimum definition of safe 😊

This one has a just right height, made of sturdy material, no sharp edges/surfaces.

Stairs that even small children could manage on their own

I’m not sure about the swing though
This one I just find cute Lol

Play area located a Vista Mall Daang Hari


Mommy Camille


Kids Stuff: Dino Play in Alabang Town Center

Hubby, JL and I were at Alabang Town Center over the weekend and  we got curious with the dinosaur themed play area smacked right in the middle of the Activity Center.  Turned out it’s a sort of a traveling exhibition from The Mind Museum so we’ve decided to try it out.

1 cinema gift card worth PhP270 = Get 1 Dino Play ticket good for 1 person. Duration: 90 minutes.

My son had loads of fun digging fossils, he wasn’t keen on trying the other attractions.  Anak, next time, bili na lang tayo buhangin, you can dig as long as you want sa bahay 😉

This magnetic board gave me an idea how to creatively teach lessons to JL.

Mommy’s art work hehe

I think it was a good experience for JL even if he’s not into dinosaurs (he loves toy cars and racing).  It’s something new to him and he got to play with other children, the former is very important to me because I don’t want my son to be dependent on cellphones/tablets to be entertained or for play.

Dino Play will be in Alabang Town Center until Feb 5.

Budget hack: Download the Uniqlo Philippines app!

Good morning guys! I’ve just put TJ to sleep (he’s 4 months old) and before I get myself some power snooze (that’s around 30 minutes of sleep 😀)let me share with you an app that I find very useful. If you have apps that’s just sitting there and you rarely use, delete mo na yan, sayang ang space! Hehe


The app has a lot of practical features but I am a suki (patron) of the coupon and markdown section.

What I do is, I check the marked down items, screenshot the ones I like, call my preferred store location to check availability and price (the app has a store locator tab & has the info you need like telephone number etc), check the app for coupons I could use, and lastly, but ultimately, the most important of all (!) check our budget for the month to see if I could afford all of the stuff on my list! If not, I trim down the list or save it for later, later means when I have extra cash na lang hehe.

Mga friends, don’t be pressured sa mga ootd fad na yan, ang pangkaraniwang pamilyang Pilipino, hindi linggo linggo nagsha shopping ng damit, kaya okay lang yan na tipidity tayo, ok? wink wink


with virtual hugs,

Mommy Camille

McDonald’s Philippines commercial to the tune of “hari ng sablay”

I’m lovin’ this commercial especially the last two frames; kid occupying the whole bed and the overpass scenes. These were very Filipino, very nanay & tatay kind of thing. Whenever I watch this, I get teary eyed and my heart beats faster. Ang mushy ko noh? 😉